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Bird Removal Services Melbourne Victoria Wide. 

As a leading provider of bird control and treatment throughout Victoria, we have worked on every kind of pest bird problem.

Birds in the wrong location, such as Pigeons and Seagulls or any other pest birds do become a real nuisance for any commercial business. It is not just the noise and mess they make everywhere, they can block up your guttering with bird nests and bird droppings, dislodge roof tiles, and can make your home or business look unsightly.  Absolute Bird Control offers a large range of bird control removal services from anti bird netting / exclusion services for small to large bird infestations. Also bird prevention measures such as bird deterrents and bird repellents and bird proofing for all industrial, commercial and residential clients throughout Melbourne and all other regional cities, Victoria wide. Our experienced and licensed team focuses on effective strategies, keeping bird removal services at competitive rates. With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, we have worked on every type of bird problem there is. Absolute Bird Control has the knowledge and expertise to handle any pest bird infestation. 

Pest birds cause ten of millions of dollars of damage every year to Australia’s buildings, machinery, cars, roofs, ventilation systems and much more. Bird droppings and nesting materials allowed to accumulate can cause a lot of problems and will became serious if they are not corrected immediately. Pigeons, Seagulls, Starlings and Sparrow nests are often built in rain gutters, drains and corners of roofs where drains are located. Commercial warehouses every year experience great damage, where drainage systems are blocked, a collapsed roof that results in physical damage could put a company out of business.

Pigeons, Seagulls, Crows, Sparrows, Starlings, and Indian Mynas love a view, especially if there is a food source nearby, birds will spend a lot of time residing, perching, roosting and socialising with the rest of the bird flock, wider ledges is where pest birds feel safer from predators. If it is warm they prefer the shaded sides of a building, if it is cold they will look for warmer areas around that building. Building owners want a low visibility, long term and long-lasting bird control service.

Our stealth black bird netting is used to control all bird species for all types of building protection. Anti-bird netting is a nearly invisible solution for all types of structures, including awnings, commercial roof tops, bridges, loading docks, open beam structures, facades, court yards, and balconies. Bird netting is a long term solution for all species of bird infestations, our netting for pigeon control is cost effective and prevents birds from nesting in all areas. Pigeon netting can be installed to any structure and custom designed for all types of bird netting installation required. At Absolute Bird Control we are the number one bird netting installers for any shape or sized area.

Bird spikes are used on long wide ledges as well as parapets, signs, over head beams and lights to stop pest birds from perching in certain areas. Bird spikes are used for large birds only like Pigeons, Seagulls, Crows and Ravens, where they like to perch and make a mess with their bird droppings. Bird spikes are used as they deter large pest birds from landing on the treated surfaces. Bird spikes Melbourne,  can be installed on all different surfaces and are a humane way of deterring birds. Bird spikes are made for different applications such as narrow ledges, wide ledges and extra wide ledges/ They are made from marine grade stainless steel. If you have any size project, contact Absolute Bird Control on 1300 GETBIRD.


Absolute Bird Control offers bird deterrents such as shock track or shock tape, it is a electrified bird deterrent that is effective where total bird exclusion is needed, it is a invisible solution to any building and we use it on roof peaks, parapets, beams and ledges. The intermittent shock is memorable for pest birds, and it teaches birds to stay away long term. Shock tape is a low-profile ledge deterrent and is for all bird species like Pigeons, Seagulls, Sparrows, Starlings, Indian Mynas. It works for all birds and utilises the principle of fear and flight, conditioning birds to stay away. Absolute Bird Control offers any installation size for all projects.

Absolute Bird Control offers effective, affordable, and innovative bird control services and solutions to prevent problem birds, costing you time and money.  So, whether you are running a multinational business or just trying to prevent damage to your home we have the bird removal services you need. Call Absolute Bird Control on Ph: 1300 GETBIRD.

The problems with birds, especially Seagulls and Pigeons, on industrial and commercial rooftops is that they present a big hygiene risk, and a Seagull’s aggressive behaviour to humans can be a safety hazard to a company’s staff. These types of pest birds are also a major problem on sites or buildings with solar panels, where bird droppings create hot spots which damage the solar panels and reduce their output. The prevention method is to deter the birds from landing on a roof top in the first place, thankfully that is exactly what a roof mounted, wind powered, flashing hawk eye does with mirrors. With its consistent movement and flash, which can be seen far beyond the range of any sound making device, it is effective throughout the day and night without any running expenses. Bird infestations in open areas like land fill and parks can be a challenging problem to say the least. Not all visual bird scarers like iridescent tape, Terror eyes, balloons and other visual bird deterrents work with all bird species such as Pigeons,Seagulls, Sparrows, Starlings and Indian Mynas. The addition of scare eye balloons, which have holographic eyes that follow birds wherever they go, can help also. The long term effectiveness of this method can be increased by periodically moving the placement of the scare devices.

Pigeon scarer repellers like ultrasonic bird deterrents are static sound emitting devices they work by annoying the birds to keep them away from enclosed or semi enclosed areas, these are not harmful to the birds at all. Using predators like falcons and hawks as a natural bird deterrent has become a recommended form of controlling bird infestations as well, as birds have a natural fear of these species of birds and will leave an area immediately.

The eagle eye bird deterrent devices are a humane way that helps to harmlessly relocate birds. Seagulls and other birds are irritated by reflected light beams that flash at various angles from a rotating eagle eye unit. These types of bird scarers have been used in hospitals, libraries, government buildings, tourist facilities, waste treatment plants and for horticultural crops, to name a few. The species of pest birds now being deterred by eagle eye is extensive. Our bird scarer devices, audible bird deterrents, wind powered visual bird scarers and scarecrows can be utilised to deter a wide range of birds. Feel free to contact us today: Absolute Bird Control on 1300 GETBIRD.  

Understanding the behaviour and habits of these highly evolved pest birds takes a unique combination of understanding of the birds, their surrounding environment and architecture.

At Absolute Bird Control, we provide solutions that work where total bird exclusion is needed, bird repellents, bird spiking, bird proofing, bird wire systems, bird deterrents, bird netting, Seagulls, Pigeons, bird removal, bird scarers, all pest bird solutions.

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